Joy Comes From the Inside

Joy comes from the inside

Successfully Navigating Life

People would rather believe that you are depressed and unhappy than happy, as happiness is an unnatural state for them. A man can actually be happier than any other living being because he has a conscience. People have nothing to lose except sadness and dissatisfaction. Still, many are intensely holding onto it. They are not aware that even if they had the whole world they would not be happy if they lost their “inner treasure.” Joy comes from the inside.

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It is important that people are aware, otherwise, they think that happiness and satisfaction are the same. So they try to achieve happiness with physical satisfaction. The satisfaction is physical and superficial, depending on someone or something else. We have to be cautious with our wishes, the more we have, the stronger the feeling is that we miss something. When something is accomplished, saturation is fast, because our mind always seeks something new, luring us into the future, so we miss the beauty of this moment, the only really existing.

Happiness is spiritual

Joy comes from inside and has nothing to do with anything outside. The feeling of bliss, again, means that we have reached the core of our being, where there is no ego. The problem is that we are looking for it all the time outside of us, instead inside, and in fact, it’s always there, we just did not look for it.

The happiness we know is not true

It can temporarily turn into a contradiction. Only when anger, greed, ambition, jealousy, and possessiveness disappear, will we feel that energy released inside us, which will become our blessing. Joy implies entering inside yourself, which is at first difficult. Do not run away from pain, sorrow, indignation, just understand them. Everything that comes from outside cannot be a joy. As soon as we look for entertainment, it means that we have no joy because only sad people are constantly looking to be entertained.

Joy does not tolerate control

There are societies which do not suit people who feel ecstasy, because they can control only the poor and unhappy. Ecstatic people are free, no one can make slaves of them. We destroy children’s curious minds, as they did to us. We are faced with constraints and obstacles. Society makes us ambitious, we are waiting to be happy, and in fact, we can be in this moment. Happiness has nothing to do with fulfilling certain conditions. Happiness is a feeling solely based on conditions. Animals are happy and they have no money. Joy is spiritual craziness because a natural man is sober, smart, calculating, and can not afford to be joyful. The world cannot control joy. So, lose control to feel joy.

Why we do not leave sadness

Because sadness feeds the ego, and people pay more attention to us. When we are sad we are part of the status quo. They forced us to get serious, and as we depended on the world system, we did what we were told. The simplest thing is to be what you are, just get rid of what is imposed on you.
We create problems ourselves, from the hills we create mountains. We need to think about why we do it. Ego needs problems. When problems become opportunities you will immediately come to life. The solution is simple – decide not to focus on them! We should play, sing, be a little crazy, then the energy would flow from them and problems would, little by little, disappear. True joy comes from the inside.

Blaming others

Whenever we blame someone else for our own dissatisfaction, we are not aware of losing our freedom by making others responsible for us. Unfortunately, many are dissatisfied because in their lives they have become what others expect of them, not what they wanted for themselves. Joy is the most important to ‘purposed’ people, and they are not willing to sacrifice for anything else. Stop comparing yourself to others, don’t act anymore, refuse to be like others.

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