Accomplishing Your Dream

accomplishing your dream


Social media has a way of making us feel crappy about ourselves. The endless stream of posts showing our friends achieving their dreams tend to overshadow our own achievements. The sad truth is that we are all on different timelines. Your friends will probably make it in life before you, but that does not mean that you will not make it. We all have dreams. The hardest part about having dreams, though, is bringing them to life

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There are plenty of articles out there that wrongly drive us into pointless activities hoping to achieve our love and life dreams. Accomplishing your dream, though, comes down to how determined you are, how much patience you have, and, most importantly, how hard you are willing to work. However big or small your dreams are, here are a few steps that will help you bring them to life.


First, simply have one. Some of us have more dreams than we can count. Overwhelmed by their choices, they simply don’t start at all. On the other hand, some among us don’t have a single dream to call our own. Your dreams are simply all the aspirations you are working towards. What do you want to do? Where do you want to be in a year, 5 years, or 10 years? What do you think you’d enjoy doing but haven’t summed up the courage to do? There is no such thing as a wrong answer when your dreams are concerned as long as they are your own. Block out all the negativity you anticipate from your friends, family, and workmates, think about what makes you feel like yourself and write it down. If you have a list of more than one, pick your favorite and start there.


Our dreams tend to be beyond our capabilities. For you to achieve yours you must believe in it almost obnoxiously. Optimism is crucial for you in accomplishing your dream. Any doubt on your part will almost always lead to failure. Your belief in your dreams is their lifeline. The moment you start to doubt them, they fade.


Next up, visualize your dreams. It’s not enough to just want to do something. So what do you think it would really take to get there? What will it feel like making the sacrifices you need to get there? Finally, what do you imagine it would feel like to achieve them? Satisfaction? Bliss? Look at any of the world’s greatest achievers and you’ll see that this is a crucial step that should not be ignored. Lots of optimism is required as it will help you in what follows.


Among the many reasons why your dreams don’t go as far as they should is because you keep them to yourself. The more people you tell about your dreams, the more you believe in them. When things aren’t going your way and you start to doubt yourself, these very people tend to be your source of encouragement and support. Another reason why telling others is you’re no longer just accountable to yourself. When you don’t push yourself hard enough, they’ll probably tell you. Naturally, you’ll be less likely to give up in yourself when everyone is watching.


Obviously many have come before you. It wouldn’t hurt to learn a thing or two from them. Imagine how much easier your journey might be if you were aware of the mistakes made by people who took a similar path? The only obstacle that would prevent you from learning the most from these guys is your pride. Humble yourself before them and ask for the help that you desperately need. It’s no secret that the most successful among us had a little help from mentors.


This is where you come up with a strategy for achieving your dream. Go through every single detail and break it all into feasible parts. It is also at this stage where you will be required to change your lifestyle, one step at a time. Set realistic deadlines that drive you to action. Someone wise once said, “A goal without a deadline is just a dream.”


This stage will be the least enjoyable but necessary. If you stop at setting deadlines and laying out your strategy, you will never get close to achieving your dreams. There will be many, but keep your eyes on the prize. Imagine how great it will feel to actually achieve what you’re working for.


Accomplishing your dreams requires a lot of determination. Failures along the way will be inevitable, but only those who persevere through these failures will achieve their dreams. Giving up will only take you back to the first stage. It gets easier with time, just keep at it.


Try as much as possible to enjoy this entire process. Reward yourself along the way and when you finally make it, enjoy it too.

Patience when accomplishing your dreams is key. Every single step you take will amount to the big ones at the end. Do not let anything keep you from achieving your dreams.

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