Living Above Anxiety

get help with anxiety

Get Help With Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is one of the psychological and mental diseases that affects most adults. Anxiety is a feeling of worry in the absence of a threat. Contrary to popular belief, anxiety is not that bad. You can look at it as a sort of life-saver. In its standard measure, anxiety can be viewed as a motivator. It is the push that we all need to meet certain deadlines or finish a certain project. When the anxiety exceeds, it stops functioning as a motivator and starts filling your mind and body with toxicity. Living above anxiety is a principle that most people have struggled with. Fortunately, there are tips out there that can you to live with less stress and above anxiety.

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Working out is a vital part of both mental and physical health. Plan your weekly workout sessions and be sure to choose those that you love and enjoy so that you are always looking forward to them. Tame your tense muscles by choosing a muscle group and tightening it for a few seconds before letting go. Start off at one section and work your way through your entire body. Exercise will help ease your feelings of anxiety.


Sleep is important, and you need to pay attention to it. Eight hours of sleep is what is recommended by doctors and you should try your best to get all those eight hours of sleep daily. In many cases, anxiety will make it hard for you to fall asleep and for you to overcome that you will have to come up with a regular sleeping schedule. Among the things that will guarantee you eight hours of sleep are:
Ensuring your bed is comfortable. Sticking to the schedule that you just created. Ensuring your room’s temperature is a bit cool.


With caffeine being a stimulant and alcohol a depressant, they can heighten your levels of anxiety. Living above anxiety will require you to ease up or avoid both completely. You should also cut back on products that contain caffeine as well.


Worrying is pretty much useless as it does not prevent anything bad from happening to you. In fact, it harms you in many ways. Worrying may affect your physical health through insomnia or high blood pressure. It may also affect you mentally by filling your mind with negative thoughts. It also wastes most of your time and energy that you could have used in more productive activities.


Taking deep breathes helps your body and mind relax. It does this by sending a message to your brain saying that you are okay. You can do this by lying down on a flat surface and take deep slow breathes and hold them in for two seconds before slowly breathing it out.


Always block out all the negative thoughts that flood your mind or better yet, turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. Take some time and picture yourself facing all your fears head-on. The more you do this, the easier it will be when you face fears in real life.


Sharing your skills with other people can help you maintain a positive mood. Not only does doing voluntary work for your community make you feel good, but also you will get to make connections that can be your social support system. Also, when you contribute to other’s people happiness, it has its own reverse effect.


Make a list of the things or places that make you more anxious. From there, work on ways in which you can avoid them or confront the feelings of worry and fear. When you are aware of the causes of your anxiety, you will be well-prepared the next time it affects you.


The most favorite way of living above anxiety is buying a pet. Pets can be really helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. Also, there are service animals that are specifically tailored to help you alleviate stress.

We can all agree that the feelings of anxiety are regrettably normal parts of our lives. There are countless reasons in this world to feel this way but thanks to the simple tips mentioned above, we are able to live above anxiety.

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